Supports Mobile Devices

Works with most mobile phones!


The time clock is hosted on a web-accessed server so you don't have to install software or purchase licenses - if you can browse the Internet, you can access the time clock. (Some of the more popular devices used with TimeClock Fusion include: laptops, desktop computers, BlackBerry® devices, smartphones, iPads®, iPhones® and similar devices.) The TimeClock Fusion business model is Software as a Service - SAAS.


All sensitive data is secured using 256bit encryption.

Your hosting server is located in a state-of-the-art data center with 24/7/365 staff. The location has generator-backed power in a building rated to withstand an earthquake of 8.3 magnitude!


No support packages or subscription fees to pay.

Questions and incidents are mitigated quickly by the actual programmers, database administrators, and web designers of TimeClock Fusion.

Mission Statement

We exist to empower ourselves and to empower others. We believe in always improving and helping others do the same. We exist to provide an easy, accurate, low cost solution to the various timekeeping needs of small businesses.

We believe in small businesses and believe that they are the solution to a strong economy. We believe that our success stems from the success of the small businesses we help. We strive to understand the timekeeping needs of small businesses so that we can use the best technology solutions available to achieve their goals.

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