No Contractcheck
No Download or Installation Requiredcheck
Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linuxcheck
Any web-enable device can be a check in/out terminal (Computers, laptops, smart phones, PDAs, Ipads, etc)check
Number of simultaneous stationsUnlimited
Number of total in/out punches per dayUnlimited
Number of possible groups and subgroups (departments)Unlimited
Different levels of access rights for users, managers, and administratorscheck
Review time sheets to any time periodcheck
Comprehensive time editing audit trailcheck
Instantaneous payroll calculations accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, and other custom pay periodscheck
Set your own view/print report format by day/hour/minute and by 12-hour, 24-hour, or decimalcheck
Reports viewed, printed, or exported to an Excel filecheck
Automatic overtime calculationscheck
Fix mistakes or improper punches while in the reportscheck
Free and automatic updatescheck
256 Bit SSL Encryptioncheck
Smart Phone Accesscheck
Project tracking (where a job was, what tasks/projects they were on, and what equipment or resources they used)check
Camera capturingcheck
Technical supportUnlimited
Ad Freecheck
Restrict punching to specific office locationscheck
Custom application integration (the ability to link with other programs)check
Change punch types and coloringcheck
Change the general appearance (background, logo, etc)check
Chosen on signup. If you don't remember,
check your email you received on signup, or Contact Us