TimeClock Fusion started from the need to have a low-cost, easy-to-use, highly-accessible time clock. It was developed using very direct and clean standards to keep the application lean and very quick. This also makes it easier to add features and unique customizations.

This Internet time Clock is in use around the world and continues to spread: Estonia, Mexico, UIK, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. Financial, medical, educational, and IT are just a few of the industries now taking advantage of this reliable, low cost, time clock hosting service.

President: Scott Hancock has shown the capacity to excel in leading companies by applying his management skills for over 13 years. His experience is with high-growth businesses and he was heavily involved in the rapid growth of the successful Computer Medical Center stores. Scott has now concentrated his skills, focus, and devotion in leading TimeClock Fusion around the world.
Developer: Joseph Brower has more than ten years of experience with open source software. He is the team lead for programming, development, and graphics for TimeClock Fusion. Joseph also works as an innovator, network administrator, and subject matter expert. He is extremely skilled in the area of security and highly available environments.
Developer: Jared Hohman is our lead PHP developer and is very fluent in Javascript as well as HTML, CSS, SQL, and PL/SQL. Jared has a degree in networking and has years of practical experience with installing and maintaining networks.
Graphic Designer: Shaun Williams graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor's of Fine Art degree. He has worked in digital art for 10 years and traditional artwork for more than 20 years. Shaun works with the artistic visual presence and integrity of the TimeClock Fusion site.
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